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the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker

I am Paul Burton and this is my blog.  It is space to explore the areas of food that interest me the most, broach food topics that are too important to ignore, and challenge preconceptions, especially my own.  I also invite others to discuss and contribute the topics raised here in the interest of improving the quality and awareness of the food we eat and produce.

I have spent the last twenty years working in food.  I have worked as a chef, a butcher, a baker, a charcutier, and now shopkeeper at Westcombe Dairy, where I also look after the dispatch of the dairy and meat cultures from Christian Hansen, head up product developement and tend to the affinage of a few of the cheeses.

I started Salt Box in Sepetember 2015 providing butchery and charcuterie training, consultancy and workshops for food professionals and the general public.  During this time I also continued to oversee the running of 'Source Food Hall and Cafe' butchery department on a freelance basis, teaching their skills courses and training the extremely capable Louis Tucker, who now resides over that department.  However in September, 2017 I had the oppertunity to join Westcombe Dairy, moving a little out of my comfort zone of retail and hospitality into artisan production and explore a new area of food, cheese.  As well as producing world class cheddar and a number of other terratorial cheeses, Westcombe Dairy are also the UK distributor for Christian Hansen dairy and meat cultures.

So in light of this new role, I have ceased working freelance, but continue to leave this space open for the purpose of EXPLORING FOOD SCIENCE, CRAFT AND CULTURE.  A strong bias towards charcuterie and meaty matters is still present, but now accompanied by a wider exploration into other areas of food.


All the opinions expressed here are my own, unless otherwise stated, and in no way reflect those of any other organisation.  Any statement of fact is based on the culmination of my own learning and experience and is correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of writing.  No liability will be accepted for the use of the information contained here.  Enjoy.