The world of a professional chef is all to often rather isolated and all consuming with very little opportunity to see what the rest of the city is up to and even less time to spend developing skills in particular areas of interest.  So give your self a bit of respite from the ‘Head down and push on’ of normal restaurant life and sign up to ‘The Self-Developement Chef’ program.

Paul Burton set up Salt Box in the autumn of last year to provide a platform for teaching food skills, specialising in Artisan Butchery and Charcuterie.  He has spent over a fifteen years working in the food industry as a chef, butcher, charcuterie and baker, but has never had any formal training, so as well as the ‘on the job’ learning he has carried out a series of stages, finding the opportunity to work along side experts in the field invaluable.  Paul feels that there is no better way to learn practical disciplines than to get ‘hands-on’ under the guidance of an expert.  ‘THE SELF-DEVELOPMENT CHEF’ program has been designed to bring the experts to you in one convenient place at an accessible price.  The program will consist of a series of workshops led by industry specialists, held at the Coexist Community Kitchen in Hamilton House.  Paul will provide the majority of the Butchery and Charcuterie teaching and guest tutors will be brought in to teach a variety of disciplines giving you the opportunity to increase both the depth and breadth of your skill and knowledge base.  The format will take the shape of a series of punchy, 2hr long, hands-on workshop sessions once a month on a mid week evening.

A program for the autumn will be available on our Events page very shortly. However, by participating you have the opportunity to shape the project by making requests regarding the subject matter that you would like to see included and the most popular requests will be added to the program.

A pilot workshop 'CURING THE SERVICE KITCHEN' will be held on Wednesday 6th July 6-8pm.  The session will look at the process of curing and the parameters that need to be controlled to produce incredible charcuterie safely, exploring both the science and the art, all with the restrictions of the service kitchen in mind.  Tickets are priced at £39.00 per head and can be purchased from our Ticket Shop, limited places are available.  

The viability of ‘THE SELF-DEVELOPMENT CHEF’ project depends on the success of this pilot, so show your support and book a place. This is also a very good excuse for you good people that feed this fine city to get together, sharpen your skills and then go for a cold one after.  Well worth booking the night off for, and who knows you might even be able to persuade your boss to subsidise the ticket.

If you you have any further questions or have a specialism that you are interested in teaching please email

Venue: Coexist Community Kitchen in Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY (above The Canteen)