The Case in Hand - An Advanced Sausage Making Workshop
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The Case in Hand - An Advanced Sausage Making Workshop

THE CASE IN HAND -  An Advanced Sausage Making Workshop

Tuesday 20th June 2017, 6.00-9.30pm, £65.00 per person, Birch BS3 1QS

Held at the beautiful Birch restaurant, in Southville, Bristol, the next installment to the 'Self-Development Chef' series, 'The Case in Hand' will take on the matter of fresh and semi-cured sausages.  Learn how to, not only achieve perfect texture and flavour, but gain a greater understanding of the force-meat structure and building flavour-profile so that you can be choose the characteristics you want and design sausages from the inside out.

Learn how to create succulent, juicy sausage through protein manipulation and a considered use of additives.  You will then have the chance to commit the theory to memory through hands on practical application, exploring casing selection, filling, linking and tying techniques.  The evening will finish up with a reappraisal of traditional cooking methods examing the pros and cons with your new found understanding of the inner workings of the banger.

Tickets are limited and are available from the Salt Box ticket shop.

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